Every couple wants to be and stay connected, to be able to understand one another, to feel like you get to be fully yourself and your partner fully themselves, to have deep intimacy with one another, to feel seen and known by their partner, to have someone with you for all of life’s ups and downs; we all want a healthy couple relationship.

Traditionally this has looked like couples going to therapy. We are strong supporters of therapy. Yet, there can be a lot of barriers to going to therapy. Barriers like finding the time to go in the business of life, having the financial resources to pay for weekly sessions, and finding a therapist you connect with and can trust. All of these barriers, along with the stress of life, can lead to couples putting their relationship on the back burner.

At Create Your Couple Story we offer couples research-informed, psychologically sound, education, that highlight key areas couples we talk to everyday say are vital to the health and wellness of their relationship. Also, these are courses created by a couple for couples. You don't have to go to therapy for your relationship to grow. Check out one of our courses today!